Storm Front at Key West

Huski Racing Technical Director – Gary Stray It was a very successful week for the entire Huski Racing team. The 21 boat of Curtis and Lilly stormed off on Friday’s race day, and the close racing of 21 and 22 on Sunday, made it great to watch. Unfortunately, 21 had engine issues on lap 3 of Sunday’s race, due to a bad fuel injector, but managed to hold on for 2nd place If you’d told me the week before Huski would be taking 1st and 2nd overall at the end of the week, I Continued

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St Petersburg Photo Gallery 1

Some of our favorite pictures from St Petersburg. Roll your mouse over the photos below and click to zoom them. ... Continued

Huski makes it 2 for 2

Huski Racing comes from behind and does it again with impressive back-to-back victories in the first two UIM Class 1 events of the season. First Cocoa Beach and then Sarasota. Friday, July 1 The Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix weekend kicked off with the traditional street party. Fortunately, the rain stayed away and spectators were able to see a full ho ... Continued

Wings over Waves

360-degree video from Huski Chocolate ... Continued

20 May 2022

Hello Cocoa Beach!

Nice clip of the Huski Racing convoy with #21 Huski Chocolate leaving for Cocoa Beach! See you there! ... Continued ...

13 Dec 2022

Photo Gallery

Some more photos of both Class 1 boats: 21 Huski Chocolate and 22 Huskiwear. ... Continued ...

24 Oct 2022

St Petersberg Photo Gallery 2

Some of our favourite pictures from St Petersburg. Roll your mouse over the photos below and click to zoom them. ... Continued ...

07 Jun 2022

Huski Take First Event of the Season

Huski Wins Thunder on Cocoa Beach 2022 UIM Class 1 Season Opener ... Continued ...

21 Jan 2022

Huski Racing complete first pre-season tests

...and announce unveiling of new boat ... Continued ...

13 Jan 2022

Huski Powerboat Team to Enter Class 1

+ Experienced sports sponsors Huski Chocolate and Huski Wear announce offshore racing plans + High-speed Class 1 boats to compete in Key West next month and 2022 championship Huski Chocolate and Huski Wear have jointly unveiled pla ... Continued ...

11 Jan 2022

Huski Racing Complete Successful First Test Ahead of Key West Debut

Huski Racing completed two test sessions in preparation for the Key West Championship set for Nov. 7-14. The first test took place in Stuart, FL with a focus on systems reliability. A second session was undertaken in Tampa, FL in stormy condition ... Continued ...