Tue Jan 11 2022

Huski Racing Complete Successful First Test Ahead of Key West Debut

Huski Racing completed two test sessions in preparation for the Key West Championship set for Nov. 7-14. The first test took place in Stuart, FL with a focus on systems reliability. A second session was undertaken in Tampa, FL in stormy conditions with turn buoys to simulate the racecourse in Key West. The team is utilizing Alegra Motorsports’ 50ft Victory hull powered by Kasse Racing Engines, rated at 2,200 horsepower each for the week-long Key West Championship, and will race in the Unlimited Class. Huski Racing’s primary Class 1 hull, a 47ft Victory powered by Mercury Racing 1100 Competition engines is being prepared for the 2022 racing season.

Steve Curtis, Throttleman, said: "It feels great to be back in the cockpit and preparing for the debut of our new Huski Racing team. We elected to take our time and complete the necessary updates we wanted to make on the primary boat before debuting it, so having the Alegra Motorsports boat has been very helpful in kickstarting our racing program for Huski. The boat ran great in both sessions — it was nice to have the rougher conditions in our second test to get a feel for Key West, and it was good for Carlos to experience making turns similar to that of Mallory Square. I think we have a great package to come into Key West with and we’re all excited to make this debut for Huski in such a venue."

Gary Stray, Crew Chief: “We used the first test to assess the boat and ensure all of the components are operating properly after going through and refreshing everything. The second test had a greater focus on establishing a performance benchmark and to allow Steve and Carlos to communicate with each other in the boat at speed. There are only a few minor things to adjust on the boat — otherwise the boat is ready and we just have to get it outfitted in its new livery.”