Race testing in Key West

(l-r) Brit Lilly and Steve Curtis, Carlos de Quesada and Johnny Tomlinson

(l-r) Patrick Cleaveland, Brit Lilly and Steve Curtis, Gary Stray, Carlos de Quesada and Johnny Tomlinson

Johnny Tomlinson, Louise Stray and Carlos de Quesada

Sun Nov 20 2022

Storm Front at Key West

Huski Racing Technical Director – Gary Stray

It was a very successful week for the entire Huski Racing team.

The 21 boat of Curtis and Lilly stormed off on Friday’s race day, and the close racing of 21 and 22 on Sunday, made it great to watch.

Unfortunately, 21 had engine issues on lap 3 of Sunday’s race, due to a bad fuel injector, but managed to hold on for 2nd place

If you’d told me the week before Huski would be taking 1st and 2nd overall at the end of the week, I’d have gladly taken it.

It’s a testament to the team’s professionalism and expertise that we can take 2 race boats to a week long event and totally dominate.

Crew Chief – Patrick Cleaveland

I’m extremely proud of my Huski team mates and the hard work they all put forth this past week.

Brit stepping in for Travis was a seamless switch. Steve’s abilities are second to none and it is an absolute honour to work with such a racing legend, each and every day.

Carlos and Johnny clicked immediately, which was remarkable due to the fact that they had very little test time together before the worlds.

All in all, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and results for Huski Racing.